Confession Time


I’m a Kansas Girl Transplant! Yep, born and raised there and I suppose I’ll always be a Kansas Girl! OK, now that it’s out there we can get this started. You thought it was going to be something way worse…didn’t you?

Here’s why I started this Blog/Website; because I live in a beautiful area of Colorado, Franktown, that not a lot of people know about. There are so many wonderful things about living out here that I wanted to be able to share with everyone. For those of you way out past Elbert, CO I know Franktown is not really “Country” but it is to those that don’t venture past Castle Rock or Parker. That’s why I specialize in “City Close and Country Quiet” Properties.

The Denver Metro area is expected to grow by 500,000 people over the next 5 years, where will they all go? Some will move into brand spankn’ new condo’s and town homes along the new RTD line, some will build new homes in the quickly growing burbs; Castle Rock and Parker for sure and eventually our little one light town of Franktown will become engulfed with growth. Now you’d think as a successful Realtor I’d be excited about that and I am to some degree but I believe now is the time to nurture and protect “small town country values.”

In the days, weeks, months and hopefully years ahead I will be writing about; Buying a House in the Country, Well, Septic, Water Rights, Mineral Rights, Home Inspections, Area History, Chicken Raisin’, Garden Planting, Farmers Markets, Weather, Interest Rates, Fresh Air, Deep Breaths, Dirt Roads, Country Livin’…I could break out into a country song right now! 

I hope you enjoy this little ‘Dirt Road Journey’, tell me what you want to hear about!


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